Project Description

Read our interview highlights with Brian Park, Director of University Ministries, as he shares how the Gospel is shaping Metro’s college ministry.

1) Why College Ministry?

Pennsylvania being the third leading state in the United States with the most universities, there is a great opportunity for the church to invest into these college students for kingdom-minded initiatives in the city. These Post-Modern College students are likely to lead in different parts of society such as government, education, and the medical field; we have a great opportunity to do Great Commission (Matthew 28) work in very unique ways according to their field of studies. College ministry allows students to explore their call according to their context. At the same time, college is a time where Christian students are often challenged by their Christian worldview against a postmodern society and it’s here that we can create a place of accountability for them. Just as it’s a time to cultivate a value of being city-embracing, its also a time to understanding the significance of being community dependent.

2) How has the Gospel shaped your view of process in the context of transition?

College itself is merely a transition into the real world and during this time of transition, students are often finding out who they are, what they ultimately value, and how to live those values out. It is important that we help these students come to understand more about these values by centering them in the Gospel, shaping them through community, and showcasing these values to them by cultivating a missiological heart for the city they reside in. In a period of transition, we need to be intentional with students in helping them understand the importance of the local church’s role. So when students graduate, plugging into a healthy church will become a priority.  College is a special time where students can be shaped by the Gospel to create a solid foundation of stability as they journey into the next stage of their life.