Supporting One Another In Grace

Recovery Ministry

The Recovery Ministry is available for anyone who is struggling with anything in a way that keeps them from flourishing in life in the grace of God. In today’s society, people find it difficult to share with others about their inordinate “loves”, resulting in “concerning” behavior—whether it involves drugs, alcohol, gambling, sexual misbehavior, etc. The Bible characterizes us as “sinners”, “sufferers”, but also as “redeemable”.

Here, at Metro, we desire to provide a safe context where people can come together for support, and walk with one other as sinners, sufferers, and redeemed children of God. Accountability is a major part of trying to give up any type of inordinate dependency. Together, we will have discussions that are Gospel-centered and practical; at the same time, we will be holding one another accountable, while loving and caring for one another in sharing in one another’s pathos.

Coming from a shame-based culture, we believe that anonymity is key. We understand that people would like to keep their own “business” private. Therefore, the Recovery Ministry will maintain strict anonymity: everything shared within the group will remain private. If you are dealing with any type of addiction or dependency, whether it is making a negative impact on your life or not, you are welcome to join us.

Contact Joshua at for more information about our meeting date and time. We reserve the right to maintain confidence regarding all participants, meetings, and communication.