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Idols Of The Heart: How The Gospel Shapes Us

Series Introduction

In ancient times, if you wanted prosperity during the harvest (in your business), or if you wanted children, or if you needed good weather, made sacrifices to the idols of the harvest, fertility, or the storm; you would go to the temple to make sacrifices. Today, although we no longer have idols made of stone or gold, we still make idols out of beauty, wealth, or power. Our idols are subterranean now, in the heart, and we devote an inordinate amount of time and sacrifice to them. What is an idol? An idol is anything that we place of greater worth, in defining our own worth, than God. When God’s Spirit reorients our hearts to be captivated by the beauty of Christ and His amazing work for us on the cross, we are melted into the thrill of being known by Him and found in Him. This sermon series addresses the subtle, yet real, power behind many idols in our society today, as well as our hope of freedom in the Gospel.